Blockchain Powered Social Media Chat
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TiENCHAT 2.0 will be launching August 1st, 2019, allowing developers to create their own dApps on the go. Think iTunes for dApp development!

TiENCHAT App is the latest in blockchain networking and development platforms. TiENCHAIN ‘s blockchain will go live July 10th, 2019 and be the underlying powering source on which their entire platform is built. 

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Blockchain and tienchat

TiENCHAT: designed to connect people, information, businesses, and provide utility for cryptocurrency to generate revenue by providing a trusted, secure platform for payments and exchanges.

We are utilizing this technology to bring to the world, a revolutionary new way of globally communicating, buying and selling online, using social media, and more; all powered by the encrypted technology that is TiENCHAIN blockchain.


One World Blockchain

TiENCHAT: Empowering the Blockchain World