Our Team

From longtime business professionals to experienced entrepreneurs, our team has one goal: to make TiENCHAT the 205th Country in the world!


William Tien:

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

William is a finance industry veteran, an inventor and a business visionary leader. He has close to 30 years managing and starting businesses in the finance and technology industries. and for last 18 years he has held corporate directorships in numerous public listed companies. In the 1990s, he was also one of early inventors who created the mobile wallet, hard-coded into a mobile device. He is key driver for TiENPAY’s business visions and mission, and he will lead TiENPAY and TiENCHAT to achieve great things.

Victor Kong:

Chief Operation officer

Victor KONG graduated with a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the National University of Singapore and holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Victor also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Since 2000, Victor has worked in commercial private equity, real estate and IT industry and was instrumental to the strategic deployment of IT and Data-center infrastructure for Ascendas.

Wes Francis:

Chief Marketing Officer

Wes has 10 years’ experience in business development, networking, and marketing with a passion for languages. Wes currently speaks English, German, French, Mandarin, and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Thai. Wes brings his business acumen and drive for TiEN’s success with him at all times.


Dr. Joseph Wang:


Dr. Wang holds doctorate in computational astrophysics from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of physics from MIT; he worked as vice-president in the quantitative research division of JPMorgan both in Hong Kong and at its corporate headquarters in New York City.

Peter Mei:

IOT Designer

Graduating from Rutgers with a Masters in Science, Peter started numerous companies in Texas dedicated to solar energy and had committed his time to creating more reliable and energy efficient integrated circuits for both commercial and residential use.

Jonathan rorech:

marketing director

As a 17 year veteran in production and marketing entrepreneurship and holding an MBA from East Carolina University, Jonathan has extensive experience as a marketer and digital content creator. Jonathan has produced engaging, informative and entertaining media for a whole variety of companies in both the US and Asia.

Andy Cortes:

Copyright Editor

As a professional writer for over a decade, Andy has helped numerous startups in their strategy planning and digital media campaigns. His focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies began about three years ago. Andy currently lives in one of South East Asia’s fastest growing technology hubs.

Harry Sandu:

Executive Assistant

Having graduated from University of California San Diego in Management Science with an emphasis in statistical analysis, Harry has worked with various start-ups from the ground up in the United states, Hong Kong and India.

Sam Davey

Marketing Assistant

A long time marketing aficionado, Sam brings his European marketing skills to the team, helping to drive acquisition of TiENCHAT in Europe.

Cecilia Tien

Project Manager

Over the past decade, Cecilia has helped foreign companies and executives coordinate with Chinese governmental agencies, including negotiations and requirement milestones. Her other work includes project coordination with companies in China that seek public listing in US and Australia and helping secure Chinese investors or US companies.